Trietex® – part of the Huegin-Trietex company. Trietex GmbH has been producing high quality motors for interior window coverings since 1977. The Trietex® name has become synonymous with quality for drives for vertical blinds and curtain tracks. Trietex® Products are used throughout the world in commercial as well as in residential buildings because of their durability and quality, even under extreme conditions.

Ongoing research and development have resulted in a series of models providing optimal solutions. And if you don´t find the product you are looking for in our product range - that´s one more reason to contact us. With our experience and know-how and a highly flexible production operation, we can react quickly even to unusual requests. Talk to us if you would like to add one of the most, reliable motors on the market to your products - not only for interior shades.

All motors are produced in our plant located in 79588 Efringen-Kirchen in the southwest of Germany and in the heart of Europe. Close cooperation with our suppliers, strict quality control of the production process and a high degree of vertical integration ensure that all products we deliver satisfy high expectations. All our motors have the necessary approvals and certifications among which are CE, VDE or UL and our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

... and it´s not only Trietex®. We cooperate closely with our distributors and are a part of medium sized group of companies. This creates a pool of know-how which enables us to develop and produce motors geared to market requirements.

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Huegin-Trietex GmbH - Germany Huegin-Trietex GmbH / Dammstr. 5a / 79588 Efringen-Kirchen / Germany / Phone +49-7628-9100-0
Huegin-Trietex GmbH - Hong Kong Warehouse Huegin-Trietex GmbH / c/o General Cargo HKG LTD / 8/F, Wong´s Factory Building / 368-370 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
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Huegin‑Trietex GmbH | Dammstraße 5a | 79588 Efringen‑Kirchen | Germany
Phone +49 7628 9100 0 | Fax +49 7628 9100 40 |

Huegin‑Trietex GmbH | Dammstraße 5a
79588 Efringen‑Kirchen | Germany
Phone +49 7628 9100 0 | Fax +49 7628 9100 40